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[09/08/20]   Clients just a reminder I will be on vacation next week, September 17-20. I will return all messages on September 21.
I’ve had several new client referral’s in the past couple of weeks, thank you! I appreciate each and everyone of them.
[08/20/20]   I have a few openings available for Wednesday, August 26th. If you need an appointment call or text me.
[06/05/20]   It’s official, salons can reopen June 15th. I will be reopening on June 17th. You can call or text me to schedule your appointment. Please be patient and flexible with my scheduling. I have been closed for months. That is months worth of clients to try to get back in the salon. I can’t wait to see you all!!
[06/01/20]   Unfortunately salons are still not able to reopen yet and we still haven’t been given a date when we will be able to do so. I am anxious to get back to work and I will let you know as soon as I am able to!!
[04/29/20]   Clients at this point in time I am cancelling all appointments. Unfortunately I do not have a firm date of when I will be allowed to go back to work again and constantly rescheduling appointments is not working. So at this point please feel free to call or text me if you hear that salons are allowed to be open again. You can also continue to check my page and I will make sure and announce it on here when I will be back to work and accepting appointments again. I appreciate you and your patience with all of this!
[03/21/20]   Unfortunately I will be closed until April 13th due to Governor Whitmer’s latest executive order. Clients I will call next week to try and get you rescheduled.
[12/04/19]   I have openings during the day on Friday this week.
[11/11/19]   I had a cancellation for this Saturday morning. If you want in send me a message.
[11/07/19]   Clients starting in January I will not be working every Saturday anymore. I will be working every other Saturday. I will be working longer Saturday hours when I am in the salon to try and accommodate everyone. I appreciate each and every one of you however I need some weekends with my family as well. If you have any questions let me know.
[10/31/19]   Clients if you need in before Thanksgiving make sure you call ASAP!! I am filling up quickly!
[10/09/19]   I have a few appointments still available for Friday this week. Also a reminder that I will not be in the salon all of next week!
[10/04/19]   I will not be in the salon the week of October 14th. If you need an appointment let me know so I can schedule around this.
[10/01/19]   If anyone needs a haircut I have a 4:00 open for tomorrow. Send me a message if you want in.
[08/02/19]   I only have a few openings left for the week of August 19. They are all on the 21st. If you need in then book ASAP!
[07/18/19]   Friends, family and clients. If I were to start working Thursday’s in the salon what time frame would work best for you to come in? Or are adding in Thursday’s not a helpful addition?
[07/03/19]   When you’re at work and can hear the Raptor’s flying overhead. Best location 💖
My sign is up, passed my inspection and starting next week I will be in my new location.
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Mariah Cook Salon
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