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[06/11/20]   My dear and valued curly clients,
After much thought and prayer the only answer I can give you as to when I will be back behind a chair is, not yet..
Even though the State has said we may open it is still all so very unsettled and confusing. It will take much more thought and planning than I can give it at this time.
Due to all of our life changes the soonest I could do would be in September and who knows what things will look like by then.
Until then please know that you are all never far from my thoughts and I will update you if and when anything changes.
[06/06/20]   YES!! I have heard. Yes! I am opening my books. Soon very soon. There are just a few more things I need to get in order. I am not replying to messages at this time so that I can answer and get you in my books at the same time. Hang in there just a wee bit longer. I’m as excited as you are 💕🌀💕
[04/19/20]   Finding ways to serve you safely 💗🌀 Whitmer orders salons, spas, tattoo shops & more temporarily closed amid COVID-19 outbreak Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is ordering all hair salons, nail salons, spas, tattoo shops and more closed amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
[02/07/20]   My curly clients - I just wanted to give everyone an update as to where I am. My husband Bob passed away on January 22nd, and I'm absolutely heartbroken. I can't thank you enough for your patience this past month and a half, and I have opened up my books once more! Please feel free to log in and schedule your appointments as you'd like, and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.
[01/20/20]   My Dear Curly Clients. The only thing that could possibly keep me away from you is my family. I am so sorry to say that the Love of my life, my husband is still hospitalised. I do not know yet when I will get him home. Please be patient with me and the girls from Salon Bellissimo. We are all truly doing the best we can. I will be back to service you as soon as I can. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. They are greatly appreciated.
[01/03/20]   Due to a family medical emergency, I will not be taking appointments until further notice. I appreciate your understanding.
Do you want to learn about your curls from the comfort of your home? Do you want to learn more about your curls but can't get to me? Would you like to learn more about your curls and just come to me for a dry haircut? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then This is the course for you!! Made by my Dear friend Krista Leavitt 💕🌀 It is worth every penny. You will love it! Style Your Curls With Confidence is back with a huge makeover! Not only in design and layout, but a better user experience. The price has also dropped for a limited time and includes all taxes.
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This course includes everything you need to know about s’wavy, wavy, curly super curly, and tightly coiled hair. It’s non-brand specific (I do talk a bit about my favourites but you can use any curly girl friendly styling products you like!) and is filled with 4 hours of video tutorials. This course was given a 10/10 by the majority of curly girls who have taken it, and the access to the Facebook group has been priceless for them! When you join the course, you get access to hundreds of other curly girls who have gone before you, PLUS direct access to a curl expert right at your finger tips. Ask and I’ll appear!
. . . . .
So, if you want to have amazing hair for a LIFETIME, get your cute-sassy-self a copy. I cannot wait to help you move past the misinformation and overwhelm of the internet and into beautiful, bouncy, defined curls for life in a fraction of the time you'd spend trying to figure it out for yourself.

Go to or click the 🔗 in my bio
A+M Beauty Lounge 💗This! 🌀 I am super excited to share our special project with you!
From near, to far, the journey begins. What you’ve been waiting for! We invite you to come along with us! #aCurlJourneyTheMovie Stay tuned! 🧡Starring Undyeing Love A+M Beauty Lounge The Curly Look Curly Hair Alchemist 🧡#documentary #curlyhair
Dear Curly Girl,
I have some not so stellar reviews out there. Some are angry, some have cried, some say I am not worth it.
They are true.
What they do not say and what they do have in common are Flat Irons.
I have offended when I have sent them away when I knew they wouldn’t be happy and did not want to take their money.
I have offended when I did what I could with what they had and they saw the truth for them self.
I just can not win with a girl who has flat ironed the curl Straight out of her hair.
Please know that all of the amazing transformations and before and after’s you see comes from the willingness to cut it off. The product and the method will not, can not bring the natural curl back.
I try to teach, explain, guide,and I am passionate about it. Why? Because I have traveled this road myself. It took me two years to finally journey to my natural self. To see truly,Who I Naturally Am.
I have journeyed with thousands of women to know and love their curls. That first conversation is the hardest. Many have listened and learned and given their curls a chance. Together we have grown through my “ fake it til ya make it” haircut and those beautiful, healthy, natural curls are popping from roots to ends.
So whether you are ready to big chop or you want to cut it slow and grow,I will walk the walk with you.
But I ask you first...Are you ready to hear, Are you ready to see, Are you ready to learn and start the Journey to your Beautifully Natural You?
Much Curl Love,
So Excited! Lorraine’s new Curly World Products are here ! 🌀💕🌀💕 Conditioning Technique: Squish to Condish, How it Works If you have ever been in my chair, or shoot, even in the same room as me while doing hair,you KNOW the Squish to Condish. It has been shared and has changed curls all over the world. I am so grateful to for putting together the science behind it and pictures on why it works. Thank you Science-y First of all - this is not my technique. It was named by Melissa Stites, hairstylist and owner of There Once Was A Curl salon in Southgate,...
Curl magazine Got #CurlyHairProblems? This new print magazine has your answers. Preorder now on Kickstarter!
Evan Joseph Curls Great info 💕🌀 Thank you to Lindsay Wilson and for publishing this article! It means the world to have my authentic tic voice to me hear! You for. Want to miss it! It has my baby picture in it! Curl: The Magazine for Curly-Haired Women I happen to know a little something about being a red headed curly with a dream. Meet Stephanie who is ready to launch the very first Curly magazine! In it you will meet so many of my curly friends and get advice from the best curly minds. Please click now to be apart of getting this in print. I want one in your hands 💕🌀 A quarterly print & digital magazine teaching women all the tips and techniques they need to love their curls.
Krista is a dear friend and an Amazing Curly Stylist from Canada. If you want to learn about you curls from the comfort of your home this class is a must watch ! 💕🌀 If you are using a hot tool on your hair, but would like to embrace your curls, then my online Course is here to help!
It is called "Style your Curls with Confidence- Learn to Love your (curly) hair everyday" You can click here to check it out:
So true! Tag someone who loves to leave their hair loose all the time. :P Straight Talk About Curly Hair Between Girls And Their Moms | TODAY It never fails to amaze me that I am honored, everyday, to be a part of the journey to your natural beautiful self. The mother and daughter curly bonds are unbreakable !! 💕 TODAY Style had four pairs of mothers and daughters sit down and talk about what their curly hair means to them. » Subscribe to TODAY:
Curly Girl: The Handbook - curlywhirledtour on instagram Hey Curly Girl, perhaps you may be considering transitioning or allowing an incoming silver streak to shine- Check out @HelenRLittle podcast with me
I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn't for this Amazing Woman. Lorraine is such an inspiration to each and every one of us and it has been such a joy to work with you once again. From Curls to Silver Linings your encouragement to be our Natural Beautiful Selves is a message that needs to be heard worldwide. Thank you for everything you do and say with such grace and poise. Every Curly girl should have the opportunity to spend just an hour in your presence. I can't wait to see where we go from here 💕
Lauren Kay Hair .Curls by Nature. If you ever wondered where I get my inspiration, my passion, my energy to do what I do..... Here she is 💕Lorraine Massey 💕 Lorraine @ Kelly Elaine Inc.

Silver Hair Handbook Signing
5 years has been way too long! Ready to be inspired once again with the Original Curly Queen. Can't wait for all that's New for Hue ! The Most Important Hair Cut I've Ever Had Spring is here! Well, almost. That means the flat irons get put away and you discover what is left underneath. The decision to transition is never easy, but always oh so worth it. Watch this video and let me know when you are ready to start your journey to your natural self. Courtney makes it look beautiful, as always Are straight, sparse, or split ends—aka DAMAGED ends—getting in the way of achieving the curls you want? There’s only one answer: Cut ‘em. I know, I know: Th... Curly Girl Lorraine Massey Just Published a Guide on How to Go Gray | I will follow this lady whenever she goes! Can’t wait to be a part of her new Journey starting at Kelly Elaine Inc. a curly hair salon and such at the end of March. As always I will be bringing it all home for you. Stay tuned 😘 There is life after dyeing!
I’m on a t shirt 😁 I feel like a rock star 💫
These lovely girls kept me full of energy. Thank you Andee and Shanette for starting you curl tour with me. You make me feel like a rockstar!
I’m back ! After an amazing week with HSM I am creating shapes like never before. Coming home to two amazing curl friends was the icing on the cake. Never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop loving all the curl girls 💕
[02/16/18]   One more day behind the chair and I’m on my way!! Tampa Florida HSM Certification Here I come💕 As an up and coming educator I will learn through teaching and as always bring it all back Home to You ! So should anyone need me leave a message, give the salon a call and I will get back to you as soon as I’m back. 😘
Kim Moore Hair Education HSM and Curls a perfect fit 💕 One of the biggest complaints we hear from client's is that "it doesn't look like the picture". With the Head Shape Matters Cutting System, you can know which cutting angles will give you the exact shape they want. The next online class begins January 28th!
The Nerdy Curly Girl Here’s Melissa of There Once Was a Curl performing the technique that she created. Please give her a LIKE, read the video description with her description and contact info, as well as to links with my blog Questionnaire with her and her original blog post!

You’re amazing, Melissa! ❤️ 🌀😚
The Nerdy Curly Girl Thank you Melissa of There Once Was a Curl for allowing me to share this amazing information! I cannot say enough about how sweet, knowledgeable and kind that she is.
The Culture Project Let's shout it from the roof tops !!! Big hair, don't care. Hannah has a solution on taming that frizz.

DevaCurl Good to know for all of my newbes "Thinking of booking your first DevaCut appointment but don't know what to expect? Deva Certified Curl Specialist, Christin Brown of LunaBella Make-up & Hair explains the ins and outs of our renowned cut! Watch the full clip here:

Ready to book your appointment now? Find a stylist near you:
For Real !
Watch As/Is This is incredible! This is OUR story!! Time to embrace the natural You 💕 I Wore My Natural Curls For A Week

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