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Trend Spotlight – Long Layers

Long layers of all kinds are popular this season, because they are low-maintenance. But if you’re looking for something with some added oomph, shaggy layered looks can offer an update to your style without constant upkeep. Even better – long layers are good for all hair types!
The fall and winter months can be cold and windy 🍂 ❄️
Honoring all who served. Thank you! 🇺🇸
#HairTipTuesday It's totally normal to lose between 100-150 strands of hair a day, so don't panic if you see a few in your shower. However, any more than that may be your body saying to evaluate any changes in your diet, hormones, & general lifestyle which could affect your hair's health.
We hope you were able to rest and recharge over the weekend! Now it's a new day and a new week! You got this. 3 Red Hair-Color Trends You're About To See Everywhere More color for fall! Celebrity colorists are getting more requests for red than ever. These three shades are rising to the top.
The holidays are around the corner! Make sure to prebook your holiday appointment before our professionals book up at #salondv8
Thank goodness it’s fall! Here’s your reminder to get outside and enjoy some fresh air today.
Blondes are noticed, but redheads are never forgotten. Today is the day to show off your fiery hair, so tag your favorite redheads below too. #nationalredhairday
If you have heard about Extreme Length, you might know that the entire system is formulated with #biotin to help strengthen the hair so it can keep growing longer. But do you know about the other special ingredients in the formulas?

Extreme Length Conditioner uses Castor Oil to provide deeper nourishment, shine & help reduce breakage by 81%*, while the leave-in treatment is formulated with Soy Protein to reduce the appearance of split ends by 78%*. #Redken

Tried it already? Let us know what you think of it.
Your vote counts and so does self-care! - Make sure to treat your hair or your self to some feel good things today. Some ideas below:

1) Take a walk during the day, and or get outside for a break without your phone.
2) Limit your social media exposure and only jump on during lunch and or after work.
3) Make your favorite meal or go to dinner with a friend if you can.
4) Choose only one news outlet to visit for an update.
5) Paint your nails, try a hair conditioning treatment and or take a salt bath.
6) And set a time for bed and shut off your phone an hour or half an hour prior to decompress.

Remember we are all in this together. Be kind to one another! Jennifer Garner Turned Into the Grandma Emoji for Halloween Comment with your Halloween costume from this past weekend! Complete with faux wrinkles, round glasses, and a white wig.
What are you looking forward to this month?
Have a safe and Happy Halloween! 🎃
[10/30/20]   Fill in the blank Friday:

The first word that pops into my head when I think of {insert salon} is ___________________ .
Fill in the blank Friday:

The first word that pops into my head when I think of Salon Dv8 is ___________________ .
What’s your 🔝 Brews pick for day-to-day styles?
Receive a #pureology ogy color Fanatic Sealer Treatment while a color in the salon! Only $10. Make sure to ask your stylist about this special today!
Whether you are watching a spooky movie, or making halloween treats....make sure to call and book your blowout for this weekends full moon Halloween!
Who would agree with this statement? 😅 27 Ridiculously Cool Halloween Hairstyles That Don’t Even Require a Costume Halloween is coming! Some styles for ya if you leave or not even leave the house. I call dibs on number three.
Are you LOVING the new Pure Volume scent? Have you tried it?

Comment your fave pink emoji down below.
Book your hair appointment with us for your upcoming halloween weekend!
September promotions to OCTOBER for all you pretty people! If you didn't get to grab them last month, you have this whole month to take advantage of it! ✨
This month, let us help you wow others by waxing those brows for you!
#HairTipTuesday Rinse Hair in Cold Water! As much as a hot shower can feel amazing when the weather gets chilly, hot water will dull your shine and dehydrate your strands, causing frizz. Make sure to rinse your hair with cold water after shampooing, which closes up the cuticle and keeps your hair shiny. Keep that hair healthy during this season!
Book that appointment this month to pamper you or someone you love! Kendall Jenner Posted a Selfie to Prove How Long Her Hair's Grown Who else is growing their hair long this season? As a member of the Long Hair Club myself, I welcome Kendall into the fold.
Who you gonna call? When you want to look and feel your best, reach out to #SalonDV8 to make an appointment!
Who's a fan or has tried the #Redken frizz dismiss?
Receive a #Pureology color Fanatic Sealer Treatment while a color in the salon! Only $10. Make sure to ask your stylist about this special today!
Cooler temps mean fall-ing for a new darker color! 🍂 Book that color for the holidays.
True statement! Do things that spark joy for you this week. 10 Iconic Hairstyles That Prove Jennifer Aniston Can Pull Off Any Look Can you pull off any look like this multi-talented actress? Still hoping for a buzz cut!
Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean the fun is over! With fall rolling around, it's the perfect opportunity to try out a brand new hairstyle.

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