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Recent social media posts by Vera Yostos

[11/14/20]   This video has been requested. I always get asked how i curl my hair and how i keep my curls lasting for DAYS!

So i did start with clean hair. Sometimes i will curl my hair next day and it works just as good. I started off by adding Pureology colour fanatic, Redken extreme lengths leave in conditioner and redken satinwear to blow dry my hair. I basically take out the moisture till it’s about 75% dry and mainly focus with making sure the blow dry nozzle is pointed down. And round brush my hair. I like taking bigger sections so it’s less to do. Nobody has an hour to do their hair.

Music: Cuba
Musician: ASHUTOSH
(This album tho!)
Cruella de vil


Little fun on tick tok. Add me on there as well. I’ll be posting more videos once i get the hang of it.

So i love Halloween so much and really wanted to record some videos of some make up looks. I recreated my new version of beetlejuice for 2020. I found this wig from amazon for $20 and honestly it’s not a bad wig. Worked out perfectly. I did tease it out a little just to make it look crazy like beetlejuice but still kept it glam.

Hope you all enjoy. What are you dressing up for Halloween?!

Music: In My Room
Musician: LoveFine
[09/02/20]   A little step by step tutorial on the two separate braids on my girl Lucy.

The difference between the two braids is a traditional French braid you pull all the hair over the braid while the Dutch goes under.

Which do you prefer?

Music: Blue window
Musician: Jeff Kaale @jeffkaale
[08/13/20]   My go to hair and make up look.

I haven’t been using as much make up as before since we have to wear masks - which i don’t mind at all. This has been the best my skin has looked since EVER!
This popped up on my memories a few days ago. Last year with my love @ap_styles — did you go dark with your hair, i hope this pic stops you 😜

Love you girl. Flash back Friday ⬅️
Two is better.
[06/19/20]   A little video i did a few weeks ago. Needed to play with make up for a little bit while Roman was napping.
#muted #blackouttuesday
Randolph's Salon Let me know if you’re interested in this product or any other. It’ll get delivered right to your door. Have this shipped directly to your door! Contact your stylist for details 🤩
How to dutch braid your own hair : Quarantine Edition.

Music: Views
Musician: @iksonmusic
Randolph's Salon As of about an hour ago, the governor of Michigan has again extended the stay-at-home order across the state.

Currently our fingers are crossed hoping we will be allowed to open up at a reduced capacity on May 28th. However, we are not overly optimistic that that will be the case.

Because of this, we are still no longer booking or rescheduling any appointments until a date to open has been given.

Words can't express how much we miss our guests, our family at work, and our Salon home. We hope to see you all soon 😊
Happy Anniversary ♥️ Thr3e years down, a million more to go 😝 #LiveLoveYostos
So since it’s like day 1837463 of being quarantine, my hair and face have not been done in a long time. So I decided to do it today. This was filmed on Wednesday which our salon tribe gets on a happy hour zoom call and they got to see me dolled up too.

Also there’s a cutie who crashes this video. Hope you enjoy and hope you all are staying safe. 💙

Can’t wait to get together with my salon family and clients soon.
Just a little throwback of getting @deenmclovin her blonde dreams made.

I miss doing hair and being behind the chair so much. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy.
The new life with a newborn has definitely kept me busy. So for today’s igtv video, it’s a little time lapse-throwback smokey eye.

Let me know what you would like to see in the next igtv.

Stay safe & healthy everyone.
I would like to introduce to you, Roman Jacob Yostos.
Born February 28, 2020 at 10:54 am
7pounds 5 ouncess
20 1/2 inches
Weight and length exactly like his momma. Love this boy so much already.
Chop it like ✂️ it’s hot 🔥
Few days left of bring your kid to work — unless if he decides to not want to come anymore. 😐 sorry guys 🤷🏻‍♀️

I honestly just want to thank everyone for being so supportive and being my cheerleaders esp my tribe and Scott & Mary Randolph. And to all my amazing clients who are sticking by my side ♥️ love you all so much. ♥️
It’s crazy to think that in just a few weeks I’ll be a mom. Less then two more weeks till baby Roman is here. So book your appt before I’m gone. Just a few open availability.

Check my story highlights for my remainder availability.
Hi friends 💎

I’m going to be posting a blowout video on myself very soon. Still trying to tweek and edit the video. But in the meantime, what other videos you want to see?
Blondes have more fun
If there is one thing i would recommend for you to add to your hair routine, it is definitely this!

Pureology colour fanatic leave in conditioner & Pureology hydrate air dry cream.

Made with coconut oil 🥥, sunflower seed 🌻extract, 🍵 green tea.
Love a good redhead.
Need i day more??!
Hi friends 👋🏼

I wanted to give you guys a little glimpse of baby Roman! How crazy is it that this ultrasound can give you a look at what your child will look like before he’s here! And look at all that hair already!! He got it from his momma! So, Roman will be here in just 3 weeks (unless if he decides to come sooner). I’m so beyond excited to add the title of mom next to hairstylist soon.

With that being said, I’m going to be working until he makes his debut. I’ll be posting the remainder of my availability in my stories. I’ll also have it in my story highlights and will update as appts get booked. If you are not able to get in with me, i have some awesome girls i work with that will take care of you. And if i do happen to go earlier then the 3 weeks, I’ll leave notes in everyone’s account to who is already booked to who you’ll see while I’m away.

Thank you all and can’t wait to see you ♥️ i have the best clients. @ Royal Oak, Michigan
Bling 💎 BLING Blondie ✨💎•

#randolphssalon #redkenshadeseq #blondehighlights #hairinsporation @ Randolph's Salon
Merry Christmas everyone.
I know I’ve been very Mia on my social media lately. Life’s been a tad crazy. But i just want to thank my awesome clients for making this holiday season the best yet! Thank you for being loyal and being so patient with me while waddling through the salon.
I still have a few spots left before i go on maternity leave. Message me if you would like to come see me before i come back in May. My books are filling up and i would love to see you all before i go. And i want to make sure that you have appointments with someone while I’m gone.
Love you all. Hope you have an awesome Christmas!
#Randolphssalon #rochesterhills #merrychristmas #holidayseason #topnine #bestphotos
Smiles all around when you get your hair refreshed. Love my clients ♥️♥️ @taylorbrookiee
Have a wonderful S•P•O•O•K•Y Halloween my pretties. 🎃💀 stay dry

@its_tori17 can we play with color for a while? Because I’m so obsessed ♥️😩😍
H•A•P•P•Y Wife - HAPPY Life ✨

And helps when your stylist learns some awesome techniques on a new haircut from a @pureology class to give you the best new trend ⚡️

#randolohssalon #rochesterhillsmichigan #naturalblonde #happywifehappylife💕 #earnandlearn
Spicing things up. Such a pleasure meeting you @elcavellier Can’t wait to see you next! ♥️

#randolphssalonrochesterhills #fallhaircolors #rochesterhillsmichigan #hairstylistmichiganborn @ Randolph's Salon
Oh fall, we meet again. 🍂🥰🍁
That perfect blend.

#randolohssalon #rochesterhillsmichigan #blendedhair

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