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[11/11/20]   With the virus numbers on the rise I am sending out the reminder. If you have been sick or around anyone that has been sick within the last 2 weeks you have to cancel. If you don't feel well the day of your appointment or someone in your household is not feeling well you have to cancel your appointment. Masks still are and will continue to be a requirement until I say otherwise. The rise has been predicted and is now happening. Thank you in advance for listening!
[10/14/20]   MASKS remain a requirement in my studio until I say they are not!
[09/21/20]   Headed back up north so my studio will closed September 24 through September 29. Get your requests in before I leave. I will return any correspondence when I return otherwise. Thanks for listening!
[09/08/20]   My studio will be closed September 10 through September 15 so any messages or appointment requests will be returned when I do!
[09/02/20]   The studio was closed today for some minor drain repair! I highly recommend Rooter Guy Drain Cleaning! Very professional and job well done! I will be open again on Friday! Thank you to all that I needed to reschedule!
Masks ARE required from you car to the studio until further notice!!!
[07/24/20]   Doing all I can to keep those that sit in my chair and in my studio safe because I care about those that visit!
[07/07/20]   You must call to make an appointment if you have not been in to see me yet. There are new rules put in place that have to be followed. I would love to hear from you if you are looking for a clean, gossip free, professional and most of all caring environment. Those that have been in the last 3 weeks are so appreciated! Everything I have put in place for your safety will continue until I tell you otherwise. Thank you for continuing to listen!
[06/21/20]   Just a few minor bumps but I managed to bounce back to work rather well. Thank you to all that came in this week as our new normal is now under way! The support is so appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️
[06/16/20]   Reminder to all...EVERYONE must have their nose and mouth covered before entering the garage and house. Hand sanitizer is on the table to be used before you even enter the studio. If I am busy with another client you must wait in the extra room until I can take your temperature. Do not remove face covering until you have been cleared to do so. Patience is going to be required while I work through this process.
Rules that must be followed for those who have or will be making appointments.
[06/12/20]   Anyone making appointments will have to cancel if you come in contact with anyone that has any illness that can be passed on to others. You will be tracked to ensure everyone's safety.
[06/06/20]   For those that have listened and did their part to stay home and stay safe please remember your hair designer (if they are professional) has not worked in 3 months. Please be kind, courteous and patient. It's a restart that we ALL have to go through. I will be your biggest cheerleader in life. I will not however be your punching bag. We are excited to get back to it so keep yourself positive when you see whoever it is that makes you feel so good about yourself. They deserve respect because they had your health and life in mind when they did as they were ordered. Just be kind!
[06/05/20]   In order to make any appointments you must speak to me first. You can call or text and I will get to you in the order received. Thank you for continuing to listen!
[06/05/20]   I get to open my studio on the 15th of June. With one can make an appointment until you have spoken to me personally. So you must call or text and I will contact you in the order received. You are able to view my Square site now to see the new pricing and be sure to read all the changes. There are rules you will have to follow in order to become a client of mine. DO NOT make any appointments through my system. I will make all appointments once you have agreed to the terms that I have for everyone to follow. There are no exceptions. Thank you for continuing to listen. I am excited to see those that know how to love, respect and care for each other. My home is a positive place for you to come and relax and enjoy a professional service that is gossip free and be respectful of all who enter.
[06/01/20]   I am getting closer to being able to reopen for those that have accepted my new pricing and booking policies. (If you didn't receive a text, email or letter in the mail about these changes let me know and I will be glad to forward it to you) Along with that you will all have to be patient with me and others while I get back into the swing of my profession. It is going to require respect, caring and love from all. If you have ANY illness DO NOT make an appointment until you have been fully cleared by your doctor. *I will be checking for elevated temperatures before any service and have the right to refuse anyone who is above 98.6 degrees* You can check your temperature the day of your appointment before coming in to ensure it will not be a wasted trip. My booking site is still disabled and until I have a solid date from the governor as to when I can open it will remain this way. Those of you that have been able to work the last 3 months may have to sacrifice a day off to come and get pampered and those that have been off work and can now return will have to have patience. We are so close to being able to see each other and I am looking forward to it too. Respecting me, my time and everyone else is required. I personally am thankful I can return to work as I wish...not when I get pressured to do so and risk losing my license and livelihood because someone thought bullying would pay off. I am in control of myself along with my business and I will chose who I want to continue my professional relationship with when I am able to restart. Thank you to those that continue to listen. Again, I do not need any negative feedback. It is what it is!
[05/23/20]   My industry is licensed by the State of Michigan. Anyone who is professional in this industry will not risk their license at this point by caving to pressures of those who do not respect. I have ethics and morals and I will open my studio when I feel it is safe to do so because I will remain professional and those that have not listened to what is recommended are not. We have come a long you part by doing as you have been asked and you will see light at the end of the tunnel. I don't need any comments because it is not up for debate! A huge thank you to those that continue to listen!
[04/24/20]   I am hitting the RESET button. I have made the decision to close my studio until June 2, 2020. I will consider an earlier re-open if the restrictions for my industry are lifted earlier. I have cancelled everyone's appointments that have been made in advance in order for me to start with a clean slate. If you made an appointment with me it has been cancelled and I have disabled my booking site for the time being. I will not be accepting any appointments until I am sure I have been cleared by the governor to do so. This will limit me having to keep rescheduling everyone. With my studio being in my home, my safety and that of my husband, children and grandchildren are my number one priority. When I am ready to re-open my studio I will let you know. I have sent out emails to those that have provided and will be sending out letters in the mail next. I will get through this as will you. Right now I just need to get back to my vacation!

Thank you for those that continue to listen! Stay strong and be safe and CHEERS until we get to see each other again.
[04/24/20]   I am quite confident there will be an extension for "stay at home" on the horizon. With that I will not be accepting any appointment requests. I will be contacting everyone individually and offering a day and time if you already have an appointment and the rest can follow. There is a price increase that will be effective immediately. Thank you for listening!
[04/21/20]   For those of you that want to do something special to help businesses right now...this is the time to do it. Help me by honouring those you know that have literally put their life on the line to help save others. I mean anyone at anytime but especially now! Contact a business where these people can feel loved while they visit! You know what your relative or your friend(s) needs when this is done. Pamper them with something special to show your love, respect and honour that you have for them!
[04/15/20]   My holiday has been changed due to Covie-19. Delta cancelled my flight so I have made the changes needed. I have opened my calendar for May and given myself a raise! Anyone that currently has an appointment your charge will stay the same. New appointments will pay the increase. Thank you to all who continue to support me and my studio. Chumbawamba- Tubthumping If you believe in is the best since all of this has started! Listening to WION this is what just played! Come on people...this is it! We so GOT THIS!!! Be there for each other! We have had TOO much loss...let's turn it around!! I don't own anything. Song: Tubthumping Artist: Chumbawamba Album: Tubthumper
[04/08/20]   Notice to all...I will not be able to return to work until May 1st and personally I am relieved. We are not ready to get rid of social distancing quite yet and personally this relieves my anxiety. A HUGE thank you to our Governor to have the strength, courage and not let others bully her! I have so much respect for her! So I get a longer vacation...I'm going to make the best of the time that I have. I will still be going on holiday and leaving May 17th! With that I will have 10 days to do my best to reschedule who I have coming up. We all need to be in this together and I will be giving you a date and time of what is available which will be very, very limited so you may be asked to sacrifice some time off of work in order to help relieve this dilemma. I am going to do my best to make this work so stay tuned. Wait until I contact you because there is a queue. Please take this time and spend it with those that mean the most to you. DO NOT take this for granted. Every day there is a lesson for all of us...LEARN from these tragic times...if you fail to do so then I will have no choice but to cut the bonds between us. This is not the time to be self centered. Thank you for your patience and for listening. COVID-19: Thank You Farmers... Everyone needs to see this! Please share and share often! Thank you to Aaron Boak for the production and Ernie Birchmeier Jr.for writing! Putting the wee littles to work...brilliant! What a great dad you are and we are so lucky to call you friend! Kudos to McCoy! You have a brilliant future ahead of you! ❤️❤️❤️ As the COVID-19 disease continues to spread, we understand that farmers play a crucial role. To learn more about what Michigan Farm Bureau is doing help farm...
[03/23/20]   A note to all...
We are all on lockdown here in this beautiful state! You have been ordered to stay home unless you have a necessity to have to leave. Yes, you can take a walk (which I highly recommend doing a lot of) and just keep your 6 foot distance (at least). No one is going to be judging you on what your hair looks like. Remember...they are in the same boat. If you decide to take matters into your own hands and try to do some root touchup, make sure it can be washed out with shampoo. From a professional stand point permanent and semi permanent color does not come out without bleach! Your vanity may cost you more in the long run because that is now considered correct color and I personally will have to charge more for my time and my product. smart and find alternatives to deal with whatever regrowth you have. This is temporary and we will and can get through this! Please just do as you are asked to do. Thank you for listening! Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer closes hair and nail salons, tattoo shops due to coronavirus If you have an appointment over the next 3 weeks I will be contacting you to reschedule on a date when I am able to return to work. This is for the safety of all. Thank you for understanding! I will be able to reopen on April 14!! The governor's executive order shuts down all non-essential personal care services until further notice.
[03/21/20]   We have no signs or symptoms here. I’m asking all clients, if you don’t feel well in any way...cancel your appointment! Not worth the risk!
Thank you for listening!
To all of my clients. My husband is working from home to help us contain the spread. Neither one of us have any signs or symptoms. I ask if you have an appointment booked with me currently please if you are not feeling well let me know and I will cancel. Thank you for your continued support, understanding and for listening!
[03/16/20]   My studio WILL remain open for those that have made appointments.
[03/10/20]   My studio will be closed May 18th
Through June 2nd!
[03/03/20]   My studio will be closed
May 17th through June 3rd.
Please plan accordingly.

I will not be replying
to any correspondence
until I return.

Thank you in advance and
for your continued support!
Now serving homemade cheesecake! ❤️❤️❤️
Valentines week is going to be sweet here. Cakes-A-Bloomin’ cupcakes served all week...well while they last!
Now serving home made ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies! ❤️❤️❤️
[01/18/20]   Book your own appointment by clicking on the Book Now button or contact me directly. Enjoy clean and a gossip free environment. The New Year is here...are you looking for a change?

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