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Hair and Make-up by India Berry

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I have a few last minute openings if you'd like to get in before Thanksgiving.
-Friday November 20th at 11am for color.
-Saturday November 21st at 8am for color or 9:30 for a cut.
-Tuesday November 24th at 10:45 for a cut.

Just message me if you would like to book!
I'm so excited to announce that I've moved to a new location. I will be starting at Studio 176 in Portland tomorrow. I look forward to welcoming you all into this space. It's just gorgeous 😍.

I will be doing all of my own booking so if you'd like to set something up you can message me here or call/ text 517-315-1899. If you have any questions about the move please feel free to ask. Thank you to all my clients for being a part of my journey! Top of the Town | City Pulse Hello everyone! I wanted to thank everyone who voted for me for City Pulse Top of the Town in the first round. I made it to the second round and am in the Top 5. It would be such an honor to win this title!

If you could take a minute to vote for me I would be so thankful. It's easy to vote. You just go to , scroll down to people and then Hair stylists. You can vote once every day and voting ends on November 3rd at 10pm. If you could share this post as well that would be great!

Again thank you to all of my wonderful clients for nominating me and getting me to the top 5. Now let's go get first place! 🙂 I’ve been writing for City Pulse since the paper started — more than 17 years. I was brought on board to write about music, but the job quickly got out of hand. By now I’ve written about everything from ants to skyscrapers and met more fascinating and wonderful people than I can count.
So you want to lighten it up without going blonde? I can do that too. We decided a warm coppery balayage was exactly what she needed to add some dimension and to compliment her base color. This also allows her to have less maintenance vs traditional highlights and gives a seamless grow out.
I'd be lying if I said blonding services weren't my favorite. I just love them. Especially dimensional blondes that have a soft grow out. With the weather cooling down, people tend to think they have to switch away from being blonde. Thats simply just not true. Let's talk about how you can still keep your blonde while moving towards more of a fall look.
Color corrections can be a challenge where you don't always get to the exact destination you wanted, but you enjoy the journey. That's the case for this beautiful balayage. We also added some bangs that I think transform her look so much!

When getting you to your goal my first priority is the integrity of your hair. I'm not going to push the limits if it means your hair will be trashed. I'd rather give you beautiful, healthy hair thats closer than it was and tell you to come back in a couple months to keep working towards your goal. Have you been wanting to start changing your color? Send me a message and let's make a plan.
I love giving my blondes the brightness they love while maintaining the dimension they need and the soft grow out that keeps them coming back.
I had a first time color appointment today and it turned out so beautiful. I love when someone trusts me to transform their hair and seeing their eyes light up while your blow drying it. I may not have been able to see her actual smile today, but I could tell it was under that mask.
Adding some dimension to your natural curl can really make them pop. We touched up Samantha's balayage, toned it to a warm blonde and then trimmed her ends to bring the shape back to life.
We did a balayage and baby light combo to tackle the covid new growth. Then added a toner and a fresh cut to really tie it all together. It turned out super pretty and seamless.
I'm so glad to be back behind the chair. I'm tired and sore but I'm also happy. Coloring and cutting hair is such a creative release for me. Being an artistic person but not being able to express it well was hard before I started doing hair. I mean I can't even draw a good flower 😂. I can paint natural looking balayage, baby light, root melt, you name it all day everyday though. Thanks to all my clients for being my canvases so to say.
[06/13/20]   Hello to all my amazing clients!

I am so excited to see all of you soon, but we have some guidelines we will need to follow in order to keep each one of you, my coworkers and myself safe. It's a long message, but all of it is important so please read thoroughly. All of my reopening guidelines are requirements and if you have any questions please reach out to me in advance of your appointment for clarification.


If you have a pending Covid-19 test we will need to reschedule and cannot enter the salon until you get your results.

If you live with someone who has been exposed, are under quarantine or have had covid and do NOT yet have doctor clearance to remove yourself from quarantine we will need to reschedule your appointment.

Check your temperature the day of your appointment. If you feel sick in any way or have a fever at all contact me to reschedule. Do not come in if you feel even the slightest bit under the weather.

If you are getting a color service done and are planning on changing your look from what we have been doing please let me know. booking is very tight during this time, therefore I do not have wiggle room for last minute changes.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE QUESTIONNAIRE before your appointment. I will send it to you the night before your appointment or you can go to and it will be there. None of your personal information will be viewable to anyone outside of Brad's Hair Studio staff. Any information given will be used solely for safety and contact tracing if needed. I will have paper copies for anyone who would rather do it this way. If you prefer the paper form please arrive 10-15 minutes early and let me know so I can run it out to you.


A ear loop style mask must be worn at all times. Please bring your own, but if you don't have one I will have disposable ones available for purchase for $1. If you are receiving a color service please be aware that your mask may get color on it. For now it will be no mask = no service.

Your payment method.


Cell phone

Sanitizer- I will provide this as well, but you can bring some if you prefer.

If you need water please bring a method with a straw where you don't have to remove your mask to drink it.


Friends or children- no one will be able to accompany you to your appointments for the time being. Exceptions will be made if it is a medical reason or if a guardian needs to accompany a child.

Any outside food unless it is for a medical reason.

Please leave any excess items (jackets, purses, ect) at home or in your locked car.


Fill out the questionnaire if you haven't already.

Remain in your car and contact me by call or text to let me know you have arrived. Please contact me personally and not the salon to keep the salon lines less overwhelmed. My number is 517-315-1899.

Do not enter the building until I have given the go ahead.

Put on your mask before entering.

My clients will enter the door to the right of our main door, it is normally locked but during this time we will be using this to limit the traffic in the main part of the salon. It leads directly into the area where my station is.

That was a lot, but here is what you can expect from me:

Each day I will arrive early to resanitize and disinfect.

I will wear a mask for your whole appointment.

I have scheduled breaks between each client (unless from the same household) to triple check that everything is sanitized, disinfected and safe for the next client.

After each client all implements used will be disinfected with Barbicide. All dirty capes, smocks and towels will be brought to the laundry room to be washed in hot water and soap.

I will be fully wiping down my station along with any objects touched during the appointment after each client.

I will have hand sanitizer available at all times.

I will change my smock between each client.

Okay it's over! Thank you for taking your time to read all of that. As always keeping everyone safe and healthy is my top priority. I know it will be different, but hopefully some of these changes will just be temporary. A lot of them I've done all along, you just didn't have to worry whether or not I was. I hope you all know how much I appreciate your understanding and kindness. I will see you all very soon!

Kind regards,
I have contacted everyone on my list of people who had appointments that were cancelled during the shutdown. I haven't heard back from all of them yet and am trying to give them first priority to the best of my abilities. We have a staff meeting to go over guidelines tonight and I plan to get all set up and ready to be back. Thursday I will be reaching out to everyone on my list of people who requested appointments once we open, who didn't have a preexisting appointment. If you would like to be on this list let me know.

Thanks again for the patience as I navigate this to the best of my ability.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Just a little update. Please DM if you have any questions or would like to be on the list for when I can go back. (Everyone who had existing appointments are already on the list).
Hair and Make-up by India Berry Tomorrow is the last day to vote! You don't have to do the whole thing, you can vote for just one category if you'd prefer. Thank you again for any votes! Hello everyone!
I miss you all so much and look forward to getting back to work. It has been brought to my attention that I have been nominated for City Pulse's Top of the Town. I would greatly appreciate any and all votes. It would be such an honor to win. I did find it easiest to vote on a desktop rather than mobile, it's less scrolling. I am found under the people/ hair stylist section.

Thank you all for being the best clients anyone could ask for. I hope you're all doing well and I will see you as soon as possible. Check out India Berry. Hello everyone!
I miss you all so much and look forward to getting back to work. It has been brought to my attention that I have been nominated for City Pulse's Top of the Town. I would greatly appreciate any and all votes. It would be such an honor to win. I did find it easiest to vote on a desktop rather than mobile, it's less scrolling. I am found under the people/ hair stylist section.

Thank you all for being the best clients anyone could ask for. I hope you're all doing well and I will see you as soon as possible. She puts her heart and soul into her work. Talented at doing hair and make up!
First if all, I want to say thank you to all my clients who have been so supportive and understanding during all the chaos. It means more than you'll ever know.

Govenor Whitmer has released an executive order to close all salons through April 13th. Therefore I will not be working behind the chair for the time being. As of right now this is a tentative date. I will be back as soon as it is legal and safe to do so.
I know your hair is going to have seen better days and it's going to drive you crazy. I just want to ask for you to please be patient and help support my business when I can come back. I will need you just as much as you will need me. I will do my best to get you in asap.

I will be getting a hold of my clients over the next week. I have access to my books 24/7 so If you have any booking questions let me know. Please contact me directly either by calling or texting 517-315-1899.
Stay healthy and safe. Thank you for everything.
During these times a lot of small businesses are going to be struggling. We all want to come out of this able to continue providing our services or products for you. There are plenty of ways to support small businesses without much effort or money. Here are a few ideas.

1.) Write a review on their pages, google, Yelp or all 3.

2.) Do a shout out either in a post or story and tag them.

3.) Refer all your friends and family.

4. ) Continue to engage on their posts! Like, comment, share! You can even subscribe to get notifications everytime they post. (Best way to make sure you don't miss anything)

5. ) Reach out. Even just letting someone know that you're thinking about or supporting them is so valuable. I know that I already miss my clients and our talks. I'm always here to help or be a listening ear.

6.) Set up future appointments. This might be a little tricky with the uncertainty that is hanging over our industry at the moment, but it will be a lot easier to sleep at night knowing that we're going back to a full schedule.

7.) Buy your hair products from us. We have a ton of education in our products that we love. We will reiterate it back to you so you know how to use these products correctly, therefore you don't decide it's awful and waste your money. We get a kickback from product sales and I always use it to buy something industry related, whether it be color or education.

8.) Buy a gift card to use in the future. You already know you're going to get you hair done in the future (because I know how much you hate those pesky gray hairs and we're all going to have more of them after all this stress).

9.) Obviously this is geared towards helping hair stylist, but whatever you do don't color your own hair. We are going to be trying to get a months worth of clients into a 2-3 week span so we wont have much time for color corrections. So you could go a short time with grown out color or a longer time with a self induced, bad hair color.

Hello to all of my valued clients,
I just want to start by saying that I didn't make this decision lightly, but I can't in good conscience risk the health of my clients, my coworkers and myself. Therefore I will be rescheduling my clients between Wednesday March 18th until Tuesday March 31st.

If you have a scheduled appointment during this time frame I will be getting a hold of you in the coming days to move your appointments to a later date. I am assuming that I will be extending my hours once I am back in order to fit everyone in. Please be patient and understanding in these trying times. Being self employed has made this a hard decision for me, but I will always do my best to service my clients.

I know a lot of people are having opposing views on this and some may not agree with my decision. That being said just remember to be kind and respectful.

Thank you so much to all my clients. Stay healthy and for the love of the hair gods please don't color or cut your own hair. I will see you soon enough.
A subtle balayage can spice up your look without adding a ton of maintenance to your life. Although I'd love to see my clients more frequently then not, I know not everyone wants to spend a couple hours at the salon every few weeks. Now that doesn't mean you have to have boring hair.

If you want to know your options for what will fit your lifestyle best, let's chat. Send me a DM or call the salon to set up a consultation.
Change can be scary but a big chop and some balayage is exactly what she needed. If you're wanting a change but arent sure yet, let's set up a consultation and figure out a plan.
When the weather cools down it's time to warm up your hair. I love keeping brunettes dimensional and rich. No need to settle for flat, boring color.
Oh how I love a beautiful balayage. It's such a great way to brighten up your look without committing to a high maintenance color. Let's get you looking great before these holidays.
That's a wrap on my 2019 bridal season. Ended it with this beauty who rocks a bold lip. I'm already excited for my 2020 brides.
Sometimes you just need a change. I took her from sandy blonde to this beautiful brunette with blonde foilayage. We also cut about 4 inches off. Are you wanting to change things up a bit? Call 517-627-4906 or DM me to set up an appointment.
The Powder Room Pensacola Why buy professional hair care from your salon or stylist? Owner and stylist Jenne Martin explains it all here 👇🏼 💁🏼‍♀️
video courtesy of Keyside Visuals LLC
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