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[06/17/20]   Dearest clients,

Please wear your mask properly (covering your mouth AND nose) when I am servicing you.


Blaire, who wants to do your hair
[05/28/20]   To my wonderful clients/friends/confidants,

I'm writing to you from the safety of my parent's home, financially stable because of the grace of unemployment. As the date to re-open salons draws closer, I'm filled with many conflicting emotions.

I have been an intimate service provider for 27 years! I have grown emotionally and professionally because of you and I hope you believe our relationship has enriched your life, too. I feel so lucky to be able to simultaneous do art and culture relationships. What a gift!

The wake up call to our global interdependence has happened and is playing out in the most personal ways. To be aware that the air I'm breathing into my body and out to yours has the potential to cause someone's death has been lavishly unthinkable in our corner of the world until now.


How do we safely transition to being close to each other again? How do I spread out appointments AND make a living without being there 12 hours a day? The answers come down to figuring out what I know and getting comfortable with not knowing. (This is the perfect place for the analogy of growing people's hair out. It's a lot of let's wait and see :))

I'm writing this to you so you can see where I'm at- but also to ask for your patience while we are bravely figuring out the new world. Here are some thoughts/requests:

*I may not be able to get everything in on your first appointment. Let's figure out the most important and go from there, please.

*Please wear a mask that hooks behind your ears. I have some disposable masks in case you forget.

*Please wash your hands before we start your service.

*Please stay in the parking lot until I either text or wave you in.

*Since I am lengthening appointment times, pre-booking is more important than ever.

*Many of you have pre-paid for your first appointments. I am super grateful, but also super forgetful! I have put the amounts on your account, but need a reminder to look πŸ˜…

*My timing is going to be off for a bit. Please be patient while waiting for your appointment. Now I know some of you may be rolling your eyes at this lol. My timing may have been a bit off in the past. But I'm not using this as an excuse! (However, it is a really good one) I promise to do the best I can in this area.

*We cannot hug even though I will want to.

*I might cry because of the above..and think you can't tell because of my mask. It's ok to let me think this. πŸ˜‚

Well, I think that is it for now. I may be adding to the list so please check this post before your appointment. Please comment with anything else you might find helpful.


Blaire Hair salon gets creative, uses parking lot as space to give haircuts Hmmm... Salon inspire plans do it again Saturday. Social Distancing, Plastic Shields, and Forget About Blowouts: What the Post-Pandemic Hair Salon Might Look Like What will opening my doors look like? If you find a useful article, or have suggestions, please post! πŸ₯° Facing financial strain and an uncertain future, hair-salon owners are working not just to reopen their doors as coronavirus restrictions ease but also to imagine a new future.
[04/09/20]   Hi! I'll be working the next few days to get everyone rescheduled past the new extended order. Just ignore any appointment reminders for the moment...

Stay safe and sane πŸ₯° It will be a glorious time to see all of you again!

--But I have to say a loving "no" to secret hair appointments.
[03/22/20]   If you have an appointment before April 14, I will be contacting you. Stay safe!
[03/21/20]   I'm headed to the distributor tomorrow! If you'd like me to pick something up, pm me :) I will deliver. Order Blaire at Salon Pura Vida eGift Cards I am temporarily closing shop this Thursday. πŸ˜” I will contact you to reschedule as needed. If you haven't heard from me, we're still on!

I also have something to ask of you that makes me super uncomfortable, but here goes...

If we need to cancel/move your appointment, could you purchase a gift certificate- and spread it's use over the next two appointments, please?

This all is unfolding super fast, and just started. I have saved for emergencies, but am always thinking ahead ☺️.

I take PayPal, venmo, checks and here is the link to my gift cards: Order Blaire at Salon Pura Vida eGift Cards online and give the perfect gift. Send gift cards instantly to anyone. Powered by Square Gift Cards
[03/14/20]   Dearest Clients,

I hope this finds you and yours all safe and well.πŸ’ž

My thoughts on the safest way to navigate through this new coronavirus reality are a bit scattered, but I will try. First, I am taking my role of working intimately with you as a privilege that comes with responsibility. For now, my part is to wash my hands in between services, sanitize my implements and work surfaces often, use hand sanitizer or wash my hands when I touch my face (help!), and stay home if Rylan or I are sick.

I'm asking all of you to wash your hands before we start, sanitize when you need to, and most importantly, stay home if you or someone you're in close contact with is ill.

I'm hoping this will be enough for the salon to not be a hub for the virus to hitch a ride, but feel in a week or so, I may be closing shop for a few days.

Let's see how this unfolds 😊... See you soon!

(totally bragging).. I'm getting pretty good at doing my own nails and having fun practicing nail art on myself, too!
I'm so lucky to be able to do transformations like this!
October fun πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
[10/04/19]   *when you're on day 4, and your hair is looking even better, but you know it's time to wash it*
I had some fun at the distributor yesterday!
Fun with Terri 😁
[08/21/19]   I have an opening Friday afternoon for color, cut, manicure, or pedicure. PM me if you're interested!
Pretty in Pink
I did some nail art 🀯 Anyone who knows me, knows this is one for the books! Order Blaire at Salon Pura Vida eGift Cards Gift card special until June 21! Order Blaire at Salon Pura Vida eGift Cards online and give the perfect gift. Send gift cards instantly to anyone. Powered by Square Gift Cards Blaire at Salon Pura Vida in Portage, MI I have a new booking site :) I appreciate everyone's patience. The 'book now' button on this page will send you to it, too. Licensed to create since 1993
I can retire now.
[01/10/19]   Salon Pura Vida is looking for an outgoing, detail oriented person who is able to keep our salon running smoothly. Being comfortable on a computer, answering phone calls, welcoming clients, and cleaning duties are the basics of the job. This position has the potential to be more for the right person. 329-4333. 10-15 hours/week. Must be able to work Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
To you and a new year!

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