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*NEW PRODUCT ALERT* I'm so excited about our new Hair, Skin and Nail product that we just launched and happy to have a few of my Loyal Customers as my first product testers! It contains 5000 mg of Biotin!!! In addition, it has a proprietary blend of grape seed oil and olive leaf extract that are proven beneficial to the skin! Take a look at the additional vitamins and minerals that nourish and strengthen the hair, skin and nails!

Consider becoming a Loyal Customer to get your's wholesale! $33 Message me for more info! 231.571.5675 mom has not let me color her hair for the last 5 or 6 months, she decided she wanted to let her hair go natural. I'm a Stylist, natural is a hard concept for me! Lol, Why have grey hair when you have a daughter that does your hair for you...don't get me wrong, she's Beautiful no matter what. But I like her with color and she thinks she's too old for color (77 in November). No such thing as too old for color! I win! Lol :)
Had fun doing this fall makeover :) I will be at the Studio tomorrow from 10-8pm if you need a makeover too! Call for your reservation 231.798.9501 :)
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Had fun doing hair for a Wedding Party today at JW & CO Hair Studio. Love this little Diva :)
Love my job! :)
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Having fun at JW & CO Hair Studio today! Extreme makeover :)
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Who needs a Fall makeover? I Love the combination of colors I used :)
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Awesome day doing hair for the Fashion show at the Lakes Mall today!
LOVE!!!!! OPI -Everyday is October Fest :)
I LOVE my new fall color!:)
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Ready to put some fall lowlights in your blonde? Love the contrast of colors :) I will be at the Studio tomorrow from 2-8. Call for your reservation 231.798.9501
I love these colors! :)
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Another one of my Wedding Up-Styles :)
Eat Healthy
It's always good to consume a well-balanced diet, but what foods help ensure healthy hair? Choose foods that are high in protein, zinc, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids. Proteins assist in repairing brittle hair, promote growth, and maintain color. Individuals lacking in zinc intake may experience shedding. Biotin deficiencies can result in brittle hair. Omega-3 fatty acids help to condition hair and support a healthy scalp.
Have some kidney beans with dinner. Kidney beans contain protein, zinc, and biotin.
Snack on some walnuts. Walnuts include omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.
Go for the poultry! Eat chicken and turkey that are high in quality proteins and iron.
Start your day off with some whole grains. Opt for some whole wheat bread or whole grain cereals for breakfast. Whole grains contain zinc, iron, and B vitamins.
Brush right
Steer clear of plastic bristles and wood combs. Instead, opt for natural boar bristles for dry hair and a rubber tooth wide paneled brush for damp hair.
Brush prior to shampooing. Use gentle strokes on dry hair to remove product buildup and scalp flakes. This also will stimulate your scalp and blood flow to follicles.
Remember that wet hair easily snaps and stretches! Try to be gentle when brushing your wet or damp hair. Take a strand of your hair and pull until it snaps. Now look at the texture. Ick.

Protect Your Ends
Mist your ends before home coloring. The ends tend to be more porous and consequently absorb more pigment. If misted, the chemicals cannot fully saturate/damage the strand.
Trim damaged ends regularly. This will improve the overall texture and appearance.
Use color protective products. When you color your hair chemicals penetrate the outer layer. Color protective products help to rehydrate and repair what damage has been done.

Deep Conditioning Treatments
Deep condition at least once every two weeks. Deep conditioners penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen strands.
Use your blow dryer to help intensify the conditioning treatment. The heat will open the cuticle and allow for the ingredients to fully penetrate strands.

Use an Ion Hair Dryer
Ion dryers use negative ions that break up water molecules more efficiently than regular dryers. As a result, drying time is cut in half. Ion dryers also cancel positive ions that are damaging to hair.
Remember to use the nozzle piece. Hair dryers can heat up, however, the nozzle protects from heat and helps to avoid frizz.
Another one of my Wedding Up-Styles :)
One of my Wedding Up-Styles :)
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Timeline Photos
Love this up-style! :)
[09/13/13]   Tip of the day....did you know that you should always rinse shampoo and conditioner with cool to cold water, it seals the cuticle, rinsing with hot water causes your hair to be frizzy. Good to know! :)
[09/13/13]   Did you know that Olive oil is a fantastic conditioner for hair, but there are many other things about this essential oil that make it a great go-to for hair care.
It’s also one of the top emollients that can penetrate the hair better than others, and its lightweight nature makes it great for moisturizing.
Olive oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff. Extra virgin oil is also rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, an antioxidant important for hair growth.
Olive oil is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hair.
When is the last time you had a great shampoo massage experience? I learned a new shampoo and scalp massage technique today :)
This is my new favorite color!
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