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[10/05/17]   Hey everyone! I just was informed that my director is stepping down, and I refuse to work under the woman taking over for her. That being said, I will be putting in my last Mary Kay order by the end of this month. If you need anything, get ahold of me!
Just got this in my email this morning! Thank you to everyone who ordered the new charcoal masks ❤️ If you haven't gotten yours yet, get ahold of me to get it at the trial price for my customers only!!!
Look what's new for spring!!! ❤️
[12/30/16]   Hey everyone!!! My unit is only $2,000 short of our monthly production goal, and so for the next 24 hours, I am offering everyone who orders a 40% discount on all MK products!!! This includes the men's line as well. If you would like to orde or see the brand new products we have available, you can do so at You got the family all their it's time to treat yourself 😊
This week's deal can't be missed!!! The brand new Satin Lips now has Shae butter! 💋
Here's some of the men's collection!
The new White tea and citrus satin hands is here!!! The new formula also includes Shae butter! Get yours today for the trial price of just $20!!! They will be $35.
Gena's Mary Kay
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The TimeWise Repair Set is only $125 instead of $205!!!
Satin lips with your choice of lip gloss or lipstick $23.
Satin lips for only $10!!!
MK brush collection. The set is a steal at $35, but I'm also offering to throw in our 6 oz. brush cleaner for only $5 more!
Satin Hands and Satin Lips $40. Free gift wrapping available!
Mary Kay 2-in-1 body wash & shave foam and MK hydrating lotion. $25. Gift wrapping is free!
[04/20/16]   Hey ladies! As Mothers' Day nears, I wanted to share the deals I have on different deals and gift sets. Throughout the day I will be posting them on here, so be sure to check them out :)
This week's deal is on Mary Kay Nourishine lip gloss!!! Not only does it come in a variety of beautiful shades, but it has a light weight, non-sticky texture. The usual price per tube is $14, plus tax. You can order as many as you like for just $7.50 each!!!
This week's deal is the MK Timewise Miracle set. Choose between combination/oily or normal skin. Regularly $95 plus tax. You can get yours here for $50 out the door!!! This sale ends 4/3/16.
The 24 hour deals I have just aren't long enough, so from now on, I will be doing weekly deals! :)
[11/10/15]   Today's special deal is the MK microdermabrasion kit. Usually $55., I'm marking my price down to $33!!! Request yours before midnight.
[12/08/14]   Everything in my inventory is 10-50% Off!!!This includes Timewise Miracle sets, Satin Lips, Satin Hands, & discontinued Velocity facial products!!!

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