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[06/09/20]   Hey everyone!!! We finally have a date of when we can do hair!! June 15th!! Unfortunately I won’t be returning to midnite sun but I will let y’all know where I go. I’m working on something now. Thanks for being so loyal!!
[05/06/20]   Maaaaan I miss doin hair!! And seeing the smiles when I’m done! And the convos be insane! I straight up bonded with my clients! I miss y’all. Hopefully I can jump in a booth rental real quick. Somewhere. Cause I ain’t goin back to midnite. That sh*t was fun while it lasted but I need to work with/for people that care about the community. Or open my own sh*t already. Idk. We’ll see. I can’t see anything else I like doing more. I looked into sh*t while I been off work legit since October. But there’s nothing I want more. 💕💕 hopefully see y’all soon.
[05/01/20]   Well hold on to your hair a little longer. Looks like it’s the 28th now. 😢❤️ I miss all my clients dearly. But I want y’all to feel safe right along with me 😘 stay well everyone.
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[04/16/20]   Holla everyone If y’all need any professional hair products let me know and I’ll place the order. At least I can help that way. And once this covid 19 is all said and done I’ll be back to work. Inbox me or on this thread is fine #peace #love #hair I hope this message finds y’all in good health and a safe environment. Take care.
[11/19/19]   Hello!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I miss you all so much!! I am still doing haircuts on Tuesdays from 930-430 and Saturdays from 9-1130 if you’re in need. I’m just at a new location. If you’re in need of a haircut feel free to message me and as always ✌️ ❤️ & hair
[10/11/19]   Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this time. I appreciate it so much! I’m on medical leave. I will let y’all know when I’m back at it. But for now I need some time off from the full service salon. Thank you.
[09/12/19]   Alright y’all the next 3 weeks I’ll be behind the chair are filling up!! Call, text or message for an appointment. October 3rd is my last day at midnite sun.
[09/12/19]   Alright y’all the next 3 weeks I’ll be behind the chair are filling up!! Call, text or message for an appointment. October 3rd is my last day at midnite sun.
[09/05/19]   Alright y’all!!! This month is gonna go by so fast. 😬 😘 My schedule is fillin up quick! Get on the book. There’s still some time to get scheduled so let’s make it happen ❤️ #angelshouseofhair
[09/02/19]   Hey y’all!!! Just wanna let y’all know my last day in the salon will be October 8th. If you need to get in before that let me know. I got you!!! Plan is 6 to 8 weeks recovery. Thank you all for your love and support at this time. You are appreciated.
[08/14/19]   Shout out to all my clients!!! Cause y’all are the best!!! Straight up man! Y’all make sure I’m straight! And I so appreciate it! The love goes both ways with y’all! 😘😘😘😘
[08/02/19]   I’m not the best, but I’m confident in what value I bring as a hairstylist. Hair is my calling, it just makes sense to me. Connecting with others has always come naturally for me. Thank you all for trusting me with your hair. ❤️🥰🙌🏻 and thank you all for being so understanding and working with my only being in the salon Wednesday’s and Thursday’s due to my hip issue. I got mad love for ya
[07/29/19]   I think I got everybody’s appointments set for this coming week. If I didn’t get back to you hit me up. If you need to cancel please please please give me as much notice as possible. Working only 2 days a week with a cancellation when someone else could have got in really sucks. Much appreciated. ✌️❤️ #hair
Mohawks are awesome 😎 #mohawks #angelshouseofhair
When your grandmas a hairstylist 😘
Today was crazy fun!!! #pravanayellow #pravanaorange #soboostyellow #soboostorange #matrixhdrr #matrixreds #sunflower before and after #angelshouseofhair #inspiration #destination
My homegirl is amazing!!! Stay wild and free. Just being around her make me feel alive. Her vibe is so strong ❤️❤️❤️ I loved doing this to her hair today. My contest winner!! Before and after #livewildandfree #angelshouseofhair #boxbraids #mygirl
[07/09/19]   Hey everyone. As much as this saddens me to say this and with my greatest apology, unfortunately I’ll be going down to 2 days a week at my place. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s from 8am to 9pm. This will be until my hip replacement surgery and hopefully once I recover I’ll be back (by popular demand) full time. So basically prebook, call ahead of time, prebook, get on the schedule, prebook lol. But seriously I love y’all and hopefully we can figure this out so I can still get y’all taken care of on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. Effective the week of the 22nd. ✌️❤️ and #HAIR
Happy 4th y’all!!! Have a great day!!
#freshfade #wahlblade #angelshouseofhair #menscuts #behindthechair Wahl Clippers #freshlineup
Now y’all know red color in the hairs the damn devil right. Check this sh*t out here! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 #angelshouseofhair #tonersaveslives before, during and after #iputmybackintoit #ilovehair from dead ass red! To blonde!!! 😘😘😘 session one was fun but it’ll only get better from here!! 🤞scroll to the end to see the final results!! 💋💋💋
This Lil young thang, #mermaidhair #unicornhair #tealhair before and after #angelshouseofhair #thatfadetho #blenedasf #blendtilidie maaaaaan I can’t live without doing hair!! 😭😭😭 #cantstopwontstop
#mohawk with #design who you with?? #angelshouseofhair
Before and after. #haircut #balayage #style #pravanapurelight get blonde!!!
Ok, ok, ok I loooooove my job!!! Man it’s such a good feeling when you do someone’s hair and get pics like this! Talk about smmmmokin hot! Wow! #angelshouseofhair #perm #perms #curls #highlights #color #curlsfordays 🙌🙌🙌 yeeeeeah #wash #set #go
[04/22/19]   I’m baaaaack!! I tried to reach out to everyone that has called. If not hit me up 6164050916 #angelshouseofhair
Love me some #highlights 😍😍😍 this beauty!! Before and after. Wow! #nofilter first session
This cutie got a perm today!! 😍😍😍 #perm #washnwear #washandgo #curlyhair
[04/09/19]   Friendly reminder from your favorite hairstylist!! 😘 I will be on vaycay April 13th - 21st. I’ll be in FLORIDA!!!!! Ahhhhh but I’ll miss y’all terribly!! Soooo I’ll see ya this week or for shizzle when I get back ✌️❤️ & hair
[04/06/19]   Heyyyyy everyone! If I haven’t scheduled you yet let me know! I’m leaving on vacation April 13th and coming back 21st. I tried contacting everyone but if I forgot I’m sorry. Pllllllease forgive me and get on the book before I leave or I will for sure see you when I get back.
About last night. #fullfoil #highlights #blonde #angelshouseofhair #healthysexyhair #pravanapurelight #pravana
#fullfoil #pravana #pravanapurelight #angelshouseofhair #healthysexyhair #longhair #highlights #lowlights #curlsfordays #curls #morebounce thank you sooooo so much!!! This girl brought me #tropicalsmoothie aaaaand #peanutbutterproteinballs 🙌🙌🙌💁🏻‍♀️ #myclientsloveme #ilovemyclients
On a Sunday!!! #fullfoil #beforeandafter #curlsforgirls #curlysexyhair #healthysexyhair #highlights #lowlights #angelshouseofhair #longhair #longblondehair
[03/11/19]   Wanted to let y’all know I’ll be out of town til March 19th. I’ll be back taking appointments after that. Love y’all.
[03/05/19]   Thank you all for being so loyal to me! Just want y’all to know I love doing yalls hair!! Don’t ever forget that ❤️❤️❤️

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